Good Luck, Everyone

This is remarkably poignant.


My Heavenly Library

Today, in one of those “questions” memes on my Other Blog, I asked a friend to tell me what would be in a library in heaven, where any book you could imagine exists, even ones never written. She wants all the poetry Keats would have written if he’d lived to be eighty-five (me too!), and the books her cats would write about living with her (I love that idea).

I’d like the real sequels to The Lord of the Rings, not all the stuff Christopher Tolkien cobbled together to make money out of.

I’d like more novels by Virginia Woolf, the diaries of Sylvia Plath that Ted Hughes burned, the plays of Shakespeare’s sister.

I’d like a sequel to Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones, and to have books by authors who have Gone Off not Gone Off (if you know what I mean).

Oh, and I’d also have Seasons 2 – 12 of Firefly, Season 8 – ? of Buffy and at least Season 6 of Angel.

Something fun for Friday 13th