Some Shakespeare News

Three links make a post, as they say…

First, from Twitter, the news of the Shakespeare Quartos Archive Very early editions of Shakespeare’s works will be available in electronic format, starting with Hamlet.

From Shakespeare Geek, riffing on the subject of my post from this past weekend about luddites, Shakespeare Had No Blackberry.

And from Bard on Film, coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street, Shakespeare and the Muppets including clips from YouTube. Great stuff!


Three Things Make a “Post”

Let’s start with the delightful “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. Along with the proliferation of apostrophes where no apostrophe needs to be, we see “quotation marks” all over the place. Someone is keeping track and commenting dryly on them.

I find this one fascinating: The Book Depository Live. Watch in real time as people all over the world buy books. Why I should be mesmerized by seeing someone buying Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys in Sweden, I don’t really know. It’s the magic of the WWW.

And a link for Shakespeare buffs to add to their bookmarks: Shakespeare and Film: A Microblog. Great source of news on new and old movie versions, dvd releases (including David!! Tennant’s!! Hamlet!!!), and useful YouTube clips.

Aardman does Shakespeare

Brilliantly, of course. How many plays can you identify?

Who? Hamlet!

I’ve heard via Mr William Shakespeare and the Internet” that David Tennant – yes, Dr. Who himself – is going to be playing Hamlet in a new RSC production. Not only that, but Patrick Stewart is to play Claudius! Oh my. Can I haz ticketz plz??? (and a ticket to England, while you’re at it…).

I can see it. Totally. That edgy, manic intensity that Tennant brings to Dr. Who is perfect for the Prince of Denmark. So who is to be Ophelia? The Guardian blogger linked below suggests that all we need is Sarah Michelle Geller and we’d be in geek heaven; I’d respectfully suggest Katee Sackhof instead, though it’s hard to imagine Starbuck getting to a nunnery *grin*.

You can read more thoughts about this news in this Guardian blog post.