Links: Writing

Academic Writing

Guide to Grammar and Writing Probably the best site for all basic needs for academic writing.

The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue Comprehensive and still a good first stop.

Fifty (50!) Tools which can help you in Writing Self-explanatory.

Critical Reading Towards Critical Writing

George Orwell: 12 Writing Tips

Creative Writing

Soul Food Cafe is a wealth of inspiration, ideas, articles on writing. It’s a whole community in and of itself.

How to Write Creatively at Scribblepad Lots of brief articles on different aspects of creative writing.

Storyglossia A blog on writing and reading short stories.

Ficlets Interactive story writing.

The Young Writers Society Blog. Prompts, news items, entertainment – a great resource.


MLA Style Guide at the OWL at Purdue

Diana Hacker’s Guide to Research and Documentation

KnightCite Another online automated citation generator – this one does APA and Chicago and is a bit more reliable than the Citation Machine.

Citation Machine

Teaching Composition

Lore An e-journal for teachers of writing.

Bits is a blog style listing of short teaching tips by and for composition instructors.

One Word Writing prompts.


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