Online Tools for Teaching and Learning

All the tools listed here have been tried and tested in the classroom

E-Journals (for Blogs, see below)

Computers and Composition OnlineInternational journal of computers in the writing classroom.

KairosJournal of Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy.

Writing Tools

Google Docs Allows you and anyone you invite to upload and share documents. Great for online peer editing.

Tutorial for using Google Docs for revision

Top Three Blogging Tools

WordPress. Free, customizable, unlimited number of accounts all manageable under one login. Clean and professional-looking interface. Allows group blogging (multiple users on one account), otherwise not so good for group interaction. Excellent spam filters.

Livejournal. Free, customizable, unlimited number of accounts, but each must have seperate username/login (gets confusing if managing multiple classes). Superb “friend” network allows easy sharing by class members, but all must be in Livejournal. Excellent privacy settings. “Default” free account has ads, though ad-free account is available. More features with paid account. Excellent spam filters.

Blogger Clean interface, not quite as professional as WordPress to my mind. Allows group blogging. Similar in all respects to WordPress, but spam filtering requires somewhat clunky comment moderation procedure.

About Blogging

Academic Blogging Collection of articles on academic blogging.

The Year of the Blog Article on blogging in the writing classroom.

Bookmarking Tools THE most popular bookmark sharing tool.
Camosun English page on

Web Organizing

Pageflakes Allows you to customize and save a homepage, or several, on the web. Use as your personal homepage on your web-browser, or “publish” a custom-built one for students. Here’s an example of one built by an instructor who wanted his students to learn something about third-world issues.


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