A Road Trip: Thoughts so far

The advantage of the interstate highway is that it carries you quickly and relatively smoothly where you want to go.  The disadvantage is that it does not allow you to stop anywhere to take photographs.
What I would have taken:
The giant windmills striding across the ridges and fields.
Lines of sight between rows of trees in a planted forest
The cliffs reflected in the Columbia, mirror calm this morning
Mt Hood in the morning sunshine
Mt St Helens in the afternoon sunlight
The vanishing point of the straight highway in my rear-view mirror
An austerely beautiful steppe in the otherwise monotonous flatlands of Idaho.

Things that surprise me:
The quite apparent lack of prosperity.  Port Angeles looked like a ghost town.  The outskirts of Portland seemed very run down.  Generally things look less well kept than I remember.
More strip malls and billboards than I remember
On the other hand, how much wilderness there is.
That I like Appleby’s restaurant.
I had no idea Oregon had so much flatland and desert.  I was expecting a mirror of the geographic pattern in BC, but it’s quite different.

Generic motels are generic motels, but the lapdesk at the Hampton is totally worth it. But all hotel rooms are either too hot or too cold.

Best sign: “Bliss.  Next 3 exits”

A question: Who is Baker, that he has a mountain, a county and a city named after him?  Baker City in south-east Oregon is my favourite place so far.


2 Responses

  1. I love that you wrote about the shots you wish you could have captured. I still have a few burned in my memory from roadtrips where I was racing to get somewhere on time and wish I had stopped, but didn’t or couldn’t. But sometimes the picture we remember is better than the image we would have captured.

  2. I can picture Mt Hood in the morning in sunshine!

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