Butterflies and Glee

No, not that Glee; the emotional one. I love this time of year, and, for me, as I’m sure it is for many or most in my profession, this is the true “New Year.” January? Who needs it – it’s the dead of winter. No, the new year begins in September, with the energy of new courses, new students, new opportunities. A clean slate.
I love the enthusiasm of new students. Nervousness, but a resolution to study hard, to keep up with the readings, to stretch their minds and imaginations.
I love my own enthusiasm. Rested after the summer, fired with new ideas, maybe new courses (and for me, this year, there is a brand new course), meeting new colleagues.
How long can I make this energy last? I hope I can keep on top of the dreaded marking load, keep the momentum going. I know that when I sustain my own energy and focus, those are the terms that are the most memorable, the ones that I’ll look back on and smile. And every new September there’s that chance to make this term memorable.
Oh, and the butterflies? Is there any teacher alive who doesn’t suffer just a bit of stage-fright at this time of year, too?


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