Twitter Read-a-thon

Have you heard about “One Book, One Twitter”? If you follow Neil Gaiman, you will have, because his book, American Gods is the chosen book. The idea is to get all of Twitter reading one book and presumably tweeting about it. I’m skeptical, but I’m at least going to follow @1B1T2010 out of academic/professional interest and curiosity. I want to see if the tweets are universally banal, or if it’s all RT’s of @neilhimself, or what. Or maybe there’ll be this amazing conversation, and it will be something that I can point to and say “see? look how cool this is”

I don’t know if I can read American Gods, though I might try, again just to be part of the project. I bounced off it badly the first time I read it, but do at least still have my copy.


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