Some Notable Twitterers (Tweeters?)

I’m sure everyone knows that Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry tweet. Neil Gaiman’s blog is more interesting, but I enjoy Stephen Fry a lot. And Mrs Stephen Fry possibly even more!

But there are other fun and interesting literary tweets that you can find and follow.

One of my favourites is @proustr, which posts Swann’s Way 140 characters at a time. I find it quite mesmerizing, and love the gnomic, out-of-context, snippets that appear.

@samuelpepys is somewhat self-explanatory. “His” tweets are somewhat more self-contained, and always fascinating.

If you enjoy Stephen Fry, you are bound to like @oscarwilde!

And finally, there is @DrSamuelJohnson who writes in the style of Samuel Johnson, but comments on today’s world.


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