Rumours of my death…

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

My good friend and colleague told me about the success she had had with an “obituary” assignment. The concept was simple: get students to interview each other, then write a fake obituary of the person. It teaches good interviewing and instills a sense of responsibility for the person you are writing about.

So, I got my English 152 (creative non fiction) class to do it. The numbers were not even, so one student suggested that she interview me and I interviewed her.

When the time came, I couldn’t write her obituary. It just felt _wrong_ to write something about the death of this bright, vibrant, passionate, fascinating young woman. I couldn’t tempt fate. I couldn’t do it.

However, she, driven by the power of an “assignment,” wrote a terrific one about me. Oh, there are a few places where the facts are not quite right (I never actually finished my PhD, and the Isle of Wight is not in Surrey, though both are in England, but, hey, details…) And I realized afterwards that I never said anything about my wonderful circle of dear friends, who I think would probably miss me, too. I think she captured my spirit, though, and I’m grateful.

And lest you think that no one ever reads these blogs? A student from one of my other classes stumbled across this one, and was genuinely worried for a little while. I’m grateful about that, too, but sorry for worrying anyone! I’m glad to see that where the students have posted things about another student, it’s pretty clear that the obituary is a fake one.


2 Responses

  1. I must do something like this, only with the Legends/Mythology I have gathered/imagined about you. 🙂

    Also, we don’t REALLY die, we just “transition”.

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