Weekend? What weekend?

Another thing I dislike* about my wonderful, chosen, profession as a college teacher is the fact that I can rarely enjoy a day off during term time. There is always homework: marking, prep, reading. Or thinking about homework. Even when I make time to do something else, the work that needs to be done is percolating in the back of my brain, nudging me, making me feel guilty about walking the dogs or taking photographs or working in the garden.

When I was in grad school the second time around, while continuing to work at least half time, I worked out a system whereby I did as much school work as I could, morning, afternoon and evening for six days a week but always reserved Sundays for myself. That worked well, but I don’t seem to have the energy these days for evenings, so the work time bleeds into the day that should be “off.”

Oh well, in another ten years or so I can retire… and probably then, I’ll complain about not having enough to do 🙂

*Sorry for the moans today and yesterday, but I’m feeling a bit tired and under the weather…


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