Just finished a small set of creative writing assignments.

I hate marking. It’s my absolutely least favourite part of my job.

Yet, marking creative writing is not so bad, perhaps because there I am focussed on giving positive reinforcement. It doesn’t feel like my job to say “you are doing this _wrong_,” rather, to point out possibilities for improvement.

I don’t mind marking things where things are clear cut: you do it right, you get a mark; you do it wrong and you don’t. The most difficult cases are where someone has written an essay and it’s careful and safe and … boring … and unoriginal. How can you tell them how to improve? “Having some ideas would help…”

I’d like to try and make more assignments just “complete/incomplete” and giving feedback for its own sake and not for “marks.” I need to think about how to do that; any ideas would be welcome.


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