Happy New Year!

If you are a teacher or a student, you may feel, as I do, that the “real” New Year, time of fresh starts and hopeful beginnings, is in September, not January. As we embark on this year, here’s wishing for good luck and great success for all, whether you are a brand new student, a seasoned grad student, someone embarking in a career of teaching English, or an experienced teacher trying new things.

I hope this blog will be a resource you can turn to. My “new year’s resolution” this year is to post at least once a week, and to try to provide interesting links and announcements that will be of interest to my students and colleagues, and to all who share an interest in English.

To start out with, I’d like to draw your attention to the “Links” pages in the menu bar of this blog – these contain sites on a number of topics that I have found over the years. Other blogs and key sites of interest can also be found in the sidebars here. And note my Delicious feed – this is updated as I find new things.

For my 150 students, one of the most useful sites for English composition overall is The Guide to Grammar and Writing.

For 152 (creative non-fiction), which I am teaching this year for the first time, have a look at
Creative Nonfiction, an online journal and information hub for the genre.

And of general interest – many of us are eagerly (but somewhat fearfully) awaiting the new movie version of Where The Wild Things Are. From the New York Times, here’s an article on the making of the movie. You may need to sign up to read it, but it’s free.

2 Responses

  1. I’m very grateful for Grammar Girl and her post about effect vs. affect. I still get them confused, but it’s mostly a spelling issue.

  2. Hi I’ve come to your blog by the tag ‘College English’ at WordPress. I’m glad I’ve found you. My current post is on the article ‘The Decline of the English Department’ from The American Scholar, read it online. Your input as a real-life college English professor will be most valued. You have a very informative site here which I’ll frequent from now on!

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