My Favourite EdTech

I was an early adopter of educational technology, and have tried many different platforms and tools, from Flickr to, from LMSs to wikis. I like wikis a lot, and want to do more to explore their educational uses. The great thing about wikis is that they allow students to collaborate and create something of their own.

I have to say, though, that the piece of technology I return to over and over again, and the one, apart from Flickr, that informs my own life in and out of my job the most, is the blog. I like the way you can use a blog as a quick and easy homepage for your students. Create a multiple user blog, and you have a collaboration tool.

But the most significant asset of the blog, from the point of view of an educator, is its use as a tool for reflection. I have started asking students to write in a blog instead of handing in a written journal for reflection on their class work. The advantage? Number one, because it is published “in real life,” the students tend to take it seriously as an assignment. Number two, and more importantly in many ways, it’s easy for students to find each other’s blogs, and you can facilitate that connection. This way, they read and comment on their classmates’ work. I find that the one or two students who do exceptional work become an incentive for others, and the overall quality of work in the class improves as a result.

In my own life, I am addicted to blogs and blogging. Using the magic of RSS feeds, I subscribe to other bloggers in my field or the blogs that interest me. I also maintain a personal blog in addition to this one and have found it to be a valuable part of my life for personal reflection and writing practice.


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  2. Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for this thoughtful post.

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